Discussing the cosmetic industry in Ireland with Siun Murphy, Plastic Surgeon and Taragh Loughrey-Gr

Siun Murphy, Plastic Surgeon in the Blackrock Clinic, and Prof Ryan discussing the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry in Ireland, what can go wrong and what to look for when choosing a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures in Ireland: Who is doing what? Men as well as Women

Who is doing what and where? How do you find out more information? Have you checked your 'Safety Diamond'? From consultation to post-op care there's a lot more to consider than mere price. Taragh Loughrey-Grant went to Dublin's Blackrock Clinic to interview plastic surgeon Ms Siun Murphy and dermatologist Dr Caitriona Ryan to get their professional advice.......'

"I think there's been a huge rise in non-invasive cosmetic procedures particularly botox and fillers."

"Personally, I’ve been shocked since coming back to Ireland about the lack of regulation within the cosmetic industry in general, particularly when it comes to plastic surgery".

"I think as a country we’re very trusting when it comes to what our doctors say and unfortunately there are non-specialist doctors who are misleading the public in some ways".

"I don’t think the Irish Medical Council have really been aggressive in trying to challenging these doctors who are really impacting on the safety of our patients".

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