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May 25, 2017

My botox experience at ASI Skin

Botox.  It's like Fight Club in that the first rule about botox is that you don't talk about botox.

But you know what, any time I mentioned getting it to people, they had lots of questions and couldn't believe I was admitting to them I'd gotten it done.  But sure listen, people get it done every day and I'd have loved a blog post like this while I w...

May 21, 2017

 1.  Will my friends know I had Botox®?

Not if you are in the right hands! Botox® is a technique-sensitive treatment. A good result should be subtle but leave you looking fresher and more relaxed. You should not lose the ability to make normal facial expressions. Many women fear having an unnatural or “frozen” look. That's why it's important to be treated by an experienced de...

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