Hand Rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation: are your hands your biggest beauty worry?


Do you hate the bulging veins and thinning skin on your hands? Do you want to correct the blotchy discolouration on your hands?

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face, but our most evident ageing feature may be our hands. Hand rejuvenation is becoming an increasingly popular
minimally-invasive dermatologic procedure.


As we age, our hands lose volume and begin to look haggard and bony with protrusion of
veins and tendons, thinning skin, poor skin texture and discolouration from sun exposure.
Hand rejuvenation can youthen your hands.


Complete hand rejuvenation combines volume-replacing Radiesse dermal filler with laser
treatments such as IPL to improve blotchy pigmentation or Fraxel Restore to improve texture for optimal results.


Radiesse is approved for Hand Rejuvenation to correct volume loss in the back of hands,
reducing the visibility of tendons and veins which age the hands. Radiesse restores volume to the hand while providing smooth, natural-looking results that can be seen immediately and can last up to 1 year.




Instructions before and after filler procedures